Diana Andrei studied architecture from 1998 until 2004 at the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest (UAUIM). She opened her own office in january 2012, after being part of the architect teams of two architecture offices in Bucharest. 

​Since 2011 - Architecture office owner in Bucharest, Romania.
2017 UAP Member, Design Departament
​2016 Writer at Art7.fm
2005 - 2011 Senior Architectat Architect Service, arch. Simona and Constantin Ciurea
2002 - 2005 Junior Architect at Capitel, arch. Geta Gabrea
2008 Bachelor in Urbanism, "Développement urbain integré”, Romanian-French Master at UAUIM Bucharest 
2006 OAR Member
2005 Real Estate Evaluation Certificate, ANEVAR
2004 Bachelor in Architecture, University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest (UAUIM)
1996 English Language medium Interpreter Certificate
1996 Bachelor in Mathemathics-Physics at Colegiul National Carol I, Craiova, Romania
1977 Born in Craiova, Romania

"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." 

Winston Churchill

architecture   -   interior design   -   graphic design   -   object design   -   landscape design   - ​  exhibition design

you can find MY designs in homes, offices,  hotels, medical clinics and beauty spaces in Bucharest and other romanian cities. as architectural objects or interior design projects, as well AS exhibition projects, as graphic design and objects.

When designing, the cue is the nature herself. the highest compliment I can receive is having our structures, whether private residences or office complexes, be in harmony both with their surroundings and their owners.



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